Molly's Family Restaurant

Welcome to Molly's Family Restaurant

Molly's Family Restaurant proudly serves delicious food to the greater Spokane community.



Gina R.
Staying downtown a few blocks away with my 2 year old daughter and looking for a breakfast situation we could have a meal and not be a disturbance (she's at...
Roni S.
You can tell this has been around for quite some time due to the guests. Lots of regulars but some new guests seem to be mixed in too. Good old breakfast...
Wayne Wright
So much food!!! Don’t order each person their own meal!! I got the giant mollys country mess in a bread bowl (which is only 10 dollars on friday) and this thing is massive! Can feed like four people easy. Really good food. Bread is unique but goes well with their gravy. Bacon was...
Bree and Nick McArthur Taylor
This morning I got food for my husband and I at Molly's or so I thought I did. Little did I know I got breakfast and lunch. I only spent $20 plus tip but their portions are so huge that it is more than two meals for us. Also the gal running the orders was beyond polite and so...
Josefina Frazier
We decided to skip out on our free hotel breakfast and search for something with a little more character. We actually stumbled upon this restaurant on the way to another breakfast place after being turned off by the extreme crowds and crowdedness at Frank’s Diner. We quickly...
Lisa Sutherland
Great food! The stuffed waffle was creative and tasty, their homemade cinnamon rolls are the bomb and the strawberry shortcake yummy! Prices were reasonable and they had good coffee which is becoming a rarity at these small restaurants. Service was fantastic as well.

Monday - Sunday
  • 7:00AM - 3:00PM